Does Anyone Care About the West Anymore.

  Swedish Church removes Crosses to make Muslim Migrants feel "Welcome"   "Answer the Question" Muslim goes mental after being asked question about Islam.     Lidl has come under fire for editing a cross at the top of a church out of an image it uses on the packaging for its own-brand range of Greek-style food.... Continue Reading →


The Chicken and the Egg.

Like most people I was given this problem as a child to ponder over. Which came first. The Egg or the Chicken. Well you need an egg to produce a chicken, and you need a chicken to produce the egg. A kind of stalemate. I then thought to myself hang on, the Roster must have... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2018

Well 2018 is here. what do I have planned for this year. More on space travel More on Time More Mythology,. I want to go Ghost hunting and publish my results. Love to look at a more political issues Follow my review of Milo and his antics Love to hear from readers and answer some... Continue Reading →

Time Dilation – Fact or Myth

  As you will know from my other posts that Time, and Light are of great interest to me.  I find them fascinating. I have a mind set to understand the theories of the great physicist, but unfortunately lack the mathematics. But one concept that I understand but reject is Time  Dilation. What is Time... Continue Reading →

Are Vampires Real?

Vampires - people who drink blood, turn into bats, and hate sunlight. Back in the 15th & 16th century at the height of witch burning was the main rise of the known vampire that Hollywood based its movies on. Here is where reality and myth meet.

The Dark Ages -America was founded by violent religious extremists! Some fundamentalist Christians give unreserved praise to America’s Puritan ethic. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, even states in his 1989 book The New World Order that the Puritan society in Massachusetts Bay Colony was a model of Christian governance. The Puritan ethic has its good points, such as living simply, working hard,... Continue Reading →

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